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What is it?


Focoosin is a time management software that helps people to focus on their tasks in order to fulfill their objectives in an efficient way and to improve their productivity.

Main features
These are just a few of the available components

Know how you spend your time

See full reports on how you are spending your time during the day, week and month.

No user interaction required

Focoosin will try to know your time usage without requiring your interaction to avoid disturbing in your activities.

Stop procrastinating

Focoosin will alert you to help you keep focused in important things.


Information collected by Focoosin is only intended to be used with the aim of knowing how you spend your time and never will be shared in social networks or with third parties.

Track projects activities and status

With Focoosin Task, you can create, estimate and measure all the project tasks.

Get a quick view of pending tasks!

Focoosin helps you remember those tasks that you could easily forget. Always forget to feed the cat when working? Don't worry, we can help you keep your cat happy!

Once you complete a task you could move it to the complete list or even delete it.


Who are we?

Who are we?

Focoosin, a Project management software, is a business undertaking created in 2016 as an idea of one of its partners by realizing that many times we get to the end of our working day without completing the tasks we had planned to do and without knowing what we did all day.

Focoosin’s objective is to help people with self-management throughout a task and time management software. We want people and companies to spend their time in an efficient way to increase the productivity.

Focoosin® is inspired in helping people to keep a task in focus.


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  • Start-up

  • Dashboards
  • Notifications
  • Tasks
  • Rules
  • Focoosin Agent
  • Team Administration
  • Up to 3 team members
  • usd $0.00 Forever
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  • Premium

  • Dashboards
  • Notifications
  • Tasks
  • Rules
  • Focoosin Agent
  • Team Administration
  • Unlimited team members
  • usd $8.00 Monthly in annual plan
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  • Corporations and Government

  • We know that corporations and the Government have special requirements.
  • Special functionalities: access to the API
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